Friday, April 12, 2019

random pics, maybe with explanations

Behold—a collection of random pics!

There's a load-bearing column on the fourth floor of our office building that's painted gray, and some amorous female student decided to give it a belipsticked kiss. I had to take a pic before an angry janitor came along and wiped the column clean. Here you go:

The downstairs grocery in my building has been selling bagels. I'd give the bagels about a 7 out of 10; the texture is correct, but the outer surface could've used a bit more of a boil-and bake to make for a browner, firmer surface. Anyway, my grocery was also selling cream cheese and smoked salmon, and once I realized this, I suddenly found myself in a Jewish-deli mood. I bought the necessaries and made some lox and schmear (with leftover capers):

I had toted the leftover bagels to the office, and lo and behold: a coworker had left a jar of homemade jam on my desk. Once I finished up my lox-and-schmear bagels, I finished the evening with bagels topped with cream cheese and homemade jam:

Below is the final pic. I've been cooking up a storm in preparation for a month of not spending a dime (except for paying the rent and other monthly bills). Thus far, I've prepped spaghetti bolognese sauce, chicken/shrimp curry, budae-jjigae, shabu beef for chimichurri, and—just tonight—chorizo with rice and frijoles negros. Had a sample, and it's pretty fuckin' good:

I cooked the rice in the leftover broth I had from making my briskets. That broth was packed with flavor from the BBQ dry rub, the drippings from the beef, and the chicken-broth base. Once the rice was nearly done and the chorizo went in, the fat from the chorizo rendered out and made everything make sense. The rice and beans are now so saturated with chorizo flavor that I almost don't miss the sausage. (But if I ever do this again, I'll peel off the chorizo casings and crumble the meat.)

There's no more room in my freezer to store things. I'm worried that some of the food in the fridge might rot over the coming weeks. I may have to tote some of the food to the communal fridge in our new building. That fridge stinks, but there's some freezer space left in it.

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