Friday, April 12, 2019

Tim Pool at his most agitated

There are parts of the following video that don't sit well with me (e.g., I think it's actually okay to point out that Bernie Sanders flashes his socialist cred while also owning three large properties), but Pool ends the vid with an angry-but-uplifting tirade about the need to fight against the narrative of helplessness, hopelessness, indolence, passivity, and victimhood. He talks with passion about what he thinks "the American dream" is, what "American greatness" means, and he repeats the refrain that, with hard work, "You can do it." If you're not fired up by the end, you're either a zombie or a psychopath... or an introvert who sneers at the notion of getting caught up in a wave of feeling just because others happen to feel that way.

I don't think I've ever seen Pool this agitated before, and I've seen enough of his videos to know he has more than a whiff of the liberal crusader about him. This video is somewhat special, I think—perhaps because the issue hits close to home for Pool.

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