Sunday, April 07, 2019

walk results

Today, I trundled out to Yeouido, walked past some of the cherry-blossom-related festivities, took some pics along the way, and walked all the way back to my place—a trek of about five hours from the west side of Yeouido, an island tucked into the south side of the Han River. This is a segment of the same path I walk when walking all the way out to Incheon. According to Naver, it's about 21.5 km. My pedometer tells me it's about 15.49 miles (as you'll see below), which puts the pedometer's measure at 24.9 km. Here's what Mr. Pedo says:

It was only a five-hour walk, but my feet hurt more than they should've. Maybe that's because it's been a month since my previous five-hour walk, which ended with firecrotch, so my feet are out of condition. (No firecrotch this time: I had on the proper underpants. Not that you wanted to know, but now you know. The clothing really makes a difference.)

Expect photos of the walk soon.

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