Thursday, April 11, 2019

life is never boring when the police interrogate you

My friend Young, author of The Accidental Citizen-soldier, just wrote a blog entry about being interrogated by the police for a crime he didn't commit. Lots of tension and frustration, and from what I gather, the affair isn't over yet. Oy.


John Mac said...

Yeah, I read that yesterday (I get an email on those rare occasions Young writes on his blog). It was like a scene out of a Korean Law and Order episode. He handled himself a lot better than I would have under those circumstances I think.

I get that credit card fraud is bad, but it seemed like a colossal expenditure of resources to investigate an unsuccessful Burger King purchase. And why in the hell is the violent crimes unit involved, not enough to do?

Anyway, good on Young for standing up to the pressure and maintaining his innocence. Hopefully the police will see the error of their overreaching ways soon.

Charles said...

"And why in the hell is the violent crimes unit involved...?"

That was my thought exactly.