Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Viet lunch + butt goat

Some pics from our team's excursion to the Vietnamese restaurant, plus a shot of a local clutch of cherry blossoms. The first pic gives us the resto's name: Pho M3, whatever that means. You can also see a teeny, tiny teacup:

Next: our team leader's pho. This bucket-sized portion was billed as a small:

The meat in the soup was ghostly white. I didn't taste my team leader's food, but based on looks alone, I think the other restaurant's chadolbagi gukbap was far, far better.

Below, we have some sides, many of which are Korean-style:

My chicken pad thai (not pictured: my shrimp "crackers," i.e., deep-fried panko shrimp that has little to nothing to do with Vietnam... neither does the pad thai, come to think of it):

The small bowl of broth that came with my pad thai:

And finally, some local cherry blossoms, right before the rain started up:

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  1. I did watch the video, which is rare for me. I wish more lefties could be as forthright as Mr. Pool. Then it would be fun to engage in political debate again. It did remind me though that REASONABLE folks on both sides have much more common ground than you would think (or that CNN and MSNBC will ever report).



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