Saturday, April 13, 2019

Because Science tackles the "Thanus" meme

Among the nerdy, for-kids science videos that I watch is the YouTube channel Because Science, a show that often deals with questions prompted by scenes from movies and TV shows. Ever since "Avengers: Infinity War," one particular meme has been floating around the internet: the idea that Ant-Man has the power to defeat Thanos, the Mad Titan, by flying into Thanos's anus (hence the "Thanus" meme) and expanding either to human size or to Giant Man size, thereby exploding Thanos from within. People grossed out by this scenario have suggested "you should've gone for the head" strategies like flying into Thanos's ear or nose and performing the same trick. One reply to the intestinal-invasion idea has been that, as we saw in "Infinity War," Thanos is naturally impervious to most Earth-based weaponry, like bombs and grenades, not to mention mountain-sized chunks of debris from lost civilizations. This means there's no guarantee that Ant-Man, when he expands inside Thanos's ass, would actually be able to explode the Titan from the inside because Thanos's viscera would be orders of magnitude tougher than a human's.

Because Science now has a video exploring the question with more mathematical precision than I could ever muster. Prepare yourself for a slew of ass-related puns:

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