Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pat Condell on pre-Brexit dithering

Pat Condell has the angry-old-man shtick down pat (ha), but he's been uploading far less frequently than he used to. The video below is an impassioned cri de coeur against corruption in Parliament, the "sewer that has to be hosed clean." He sees the current time as a "watershed moment," with democracy possibly withering on the vine, and with Brexit having been turned into a slow-as-molasses transition by politicians who hope the people will ultimately change their minds. The time is now to vote out the scum and vote in the people who won't dither when it comes to effecting positive change in Great Britain and, quite possibly, in greater Europe. As Condell argues, current politicians have forgotten they are the servants, not the masters, and they need to be loudly, forcefully reminded of the actual reality.

As one commenter said: vote UKIP. If I were a Brit, I would.

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