Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ave, John Mac!

John McCrarey had been talking about Easter Mountain over the course of several posts. He knew it was an upcoming climb (as in a literal climb, i.e., using hands along with feet to scale the slope), and he'd been expressing doubts about whether he could/would make it to the top when the time came to do the Hash. Well, it turns out he did the climb successfully, so he deserves a tip of the hat for a job well done. His reward for making it back to the foot of Easter Mountain (apparently a post-Easter Hash tradition) was an actual earthquake—perhaps also a reflection of that long-ago day when Jesus died, and an earthquake sundered buildings and tore the Temple veil in two. Or maybe it was more like the earth's affirmation of John's achievement, the way the ground shook when the Buddha touched the earth at the moment of his enlightenment. John modestly describes this moment as "rock and roll."

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John Mac said...

Haha! I am unworthy. But thanks!