Tuesday, April 09, 2019

AOC is losing her luster among constituents

If you're a New York liberal, and if you're concerned about the havoc that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been wreaking in your part of the world since she became a Congresscritter, I strongly advise you to watch this Tim Pool video about how AOC—who may very well be a darling of the extreme socialist left—isn't polling so well among her original peeps in New York. Required viewing.


The Maximum Leader said...

Haven't looked at the video yet, but will try to tonight. If you are interested, this Politico piece is good:

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks. Just read your most recent posts and saw your thoughts on AOC. Here's hoping she's a flash in the pan, but I suspect you're right that she'll be with us for a while.

Kevin Kim said...

Reposting this comment from John Mac, which he placed in the wrong post:

"I did watch the video, which is rare for me. I wish more lefties could be as forthright as Mr. Pool. Then it would be fun to engage in political debate again. It did remind me though that REASONABLE folks on both sides have much more common ground than you would think (or that CNN and MSNBC will ever report)."