Sunday, April 07, 2019

Yeouido, blossoms, walk, shopping, movie

I'm out to Yeouido to see the lurvely cherry blossoms. There's apparently a local festival happening by the National Assembly building, which is perfect for me because I can stroll around the festival, snap a few pics, then walk back to my place over the ensuing five hours. After that, I can take a warm, relaxing shower; shop for ingredients for my upcoming meals (lots of cooking to do over the next few days); then plop myself down and watch "A Vigilante," starring Olivia Wilde, in a movie that promises to showcase far more grrrl power than "Captain Marvel" as it revisits the idea of Weakling Woman Turned Powerhouse Bruising/Killing Machine (à la "Enough," "Peppermint," etc.).

Talk at you later.

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