Thursday, April 18, 2019

Charles, this one's for you

Bon Appetit puts out some pretty good cooking videos on YouTube. The video below features a guest baker named Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery. The dude is quietly intense, and his crisp professionalism as he works his dough and bakes his bread is almost intimidating to watch. My buddy Charles is an accomplished baker, but I'm sure that he'd say he's still constantly learning, so why not give my friend a chance to compare notes with a fellow baker? Of course, the video is such that anyone can enjoy it. Even non-bakers like me can appreciate the thought and action that go into making good bread.


Charles said...

Bread porn!

That was so cool. Chad is, of course, at a level far, far higher than my own; there is so much I can learn from him. In fact, I took a lot of very specific things from this video. I like the idea of using water rather than flour during the shaping; never thought of that before, but it makes perfect sense. I also like the porridge bread idea. I've always wanted to do something like that, but never got around to it. It looks like he's using steel-cut oats, which I happen to have at home.... Lastly, I was wondering how he was going to get such high hydration loaves to hold together instead of just spreading out like blobs, but of course it was a Dutch oven! It just so happens that we recently procured a Dutch oven ourselves. I think I have my next bread project.

I love watching videos like this because they really inspire me to bake more. I haven't baked a loaf of bread in a couple of weeks (not counting quick soda breads for breakfast on occasion), and this makes me want to get right back into it. I think I will experiment with a porridge loaf of my own on Saturday.

Kevin Kim said...

Glad to be of service. Good luck with the porridge loaf! Pics, please.

Charles said...

I will indeed document my adventures!