Tuesday, April 16, 2019

something you can really blame America for

I normally think of Google and its ironically un-self-aware motto "Don't Be Evil" (which, I heard, was quietly taken down last year) when I ponder the question of US companies helping China repress its own citizens. But the laundry list of companies is far longer than I ever imagined, and this China Uncensored video functions as a public-service announcement to all the people who are dying to look for reasons to hate the United States:

And we're not merely helping China censor its own people: we're censoring ourselves!

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John Mac said...

Yes, this is something that really bothers me. Especially knowing that we are one step (one election?) away from having something similar imposed on us. After all, hate speech isn't free speech if our friends on the left are to be believed. And anything that disputes their PC world view is hate speech by definition. Scary times...