Friday, April 05, 2019

que faire ce week-end?

This may be the last weekend on which to see the cherry blossoms while they're out in force. Places like Yeouido and Namsan are two of the most popular spots to visit; a coworker said I ought to train down to Jinhae, where there's a huge cherry-blossom festival. Mostly likely, I'll train out to Yeouido tomorrow, walk around and admire the cherry blossoms, then walk back to my place. It's a good way to get in a nice, five-hour walk. Assuming the weather holds.

On Sunday morning, I'll likely see "Shazam!" Advance reviews seem very positive. And at some point over the weekend, I'll strategize re: this new plan to live frugally (I'm already thinking that living on W100,000 a month's worth of food isn't going to work), and I may even begin shopping for victuals. Otherwise, I'll chug forward with my book's manuscript, and I might even watch one or two other movies that have been on my iTunes and Amazon Prime Movie queues for a while, now.

Walking, cooking, and movies. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

ADDENDUM: I checked the weather, and it's looking like rain for Saturday afternoon. I might switch up my schedule and see "Shazam!" tomorrow, then do the from-Yeouido walk (with cherry blossoms) on Sunday.


Charles said...

Going to see Captain Marvel this afternoon, then heading out for dinner in Gyeongnidan.

I've seen good things about Shazam!, too. Will be interested in seeing what you think of it.

Kevin Kim said...

What'd you think of "Captain Marvel"?