Saturday, April 27, 2019

more memes and toons via Bill

A few more memes and toons have come my way thanks to Bill Keezer:

When I wrote my previous post touching on assimilation, I was actually thinking about Representative Ilhan Omar, whom I increasingly consider a very toxic presence in the US Congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an object of ridicule largely because her ideas are so out there that at least half the country will dismiss them outright. AOC doesn't help her case by sounding like a braying idiot. I don't see her as all that much of a danger. With Omar, it's different. She strikes me at the devil's foot in the door toward America's turning into Europe. No one (well, not no one, but you get what I'm saying) has the courage to question her openly, and she relies on the current vogue of intersectionality (she's of Somali descent and a woman) to protect her from serious criticism, thus allowing her to get away with making subtle and egregious anti-Israel, antisemitic, anti-Jewish statements. The right has been (futilely, in my opinion) hammering Omar for her lack of gratitude for having come to America from war-torn Somalia. Omar has made several statements critical of the United States, and has infamously soft-pedaled Islamic terror attacks, like the one on 9/11/01, by blithely saying "some people did something." Is that her answer to what just happened in Sri Lanka over Easter?

Anyway, the woman deserves criticism. Her presence in an already corrupt and troubled Congress only worsens matters because the PC mindset makes it impossible for certain people to question her positions openly and aggressively. I can only hope she gets voted out within the next two years. She currently represents Minnesota's 5th Congressional District. May those people wake up and undo what they've done by voting her into Congress.

Below, a cartoon by Branco, who is my least-favorite cartoonist on Patriot Humor. I don't like his drawing style, and I don't think his humor is particularly clever or funny, but every once in a while, he gets it right. Sure, the glass-house metaphor is heavy-handed, but Hillary merits every bit of heavy-handedness we can give her:

Perhaps an Islamic solution may be the only one for Creepy Uncle Joe:

And yet more Hillary hypocrisy. Her lack of self-reflection is stunning:

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