Thursday, May 20, 2021

as I suspected

Today's lunch was bibimbap, so as an experiment, and because this was my final lunch here, I ate the rice to see what would happen to my blood sugar. Sure enough, it spiked. 186. Remember I'm down to 130 otherwise. 

Look, there very well may be a such thing as "good" rice, but in terms of blood sugar, rice is rice. And today's informal experiment showed that nicely. So I'll be avoiding rice and such from now on, except maybe on cheat days.


Daniel said...

That is a pretty significant spike. My mom is a recently diagnosed diabetic so I'll definitely be passing this info on. Moral of the story seems to be, stay away from carbs.

Charles said...

White rice has a glycemic index of over 70, so that makes sense. Brown rice is lower; I've seen widely varying figures, but it falls in the "medium GI" range. It's still pretty high, though.

This is an interesting resource:

GI for various foods from Harvard Med