Tuesday, May 18, 2021

some hospital images

My name abbreviated to KIMK at the ER:

The fan that's saving my life right now:

Hard to see, but fingertips full of pricks:

Blood sample taken by nervous nurse (11 a.m.) who couldn't find the vein in my elbow the way the 6 a.m. nurse did:

The nervous nurse did try the elbow first. The hole on the left is from the 6 a.m. nurse:

My IV drip:

And that's the view from the hospital bed. 


Daniel said...

That's a lot of battle scars! Always surprised by how many nurses can't seem to locate a vein (this goes for every country I've needed medical care in). Did they tell you what's in the IV drip?

Kevin Kim said...

Most IV drips are saline, although other stuff may be added. In my case, they said there's some other medicine in there, but I didn't catch what it is.