Thursday, May 06, 2021

which side is jiggering elections, again?

Politics is basically the art of making hypocrisy look believable.

My buddy Dr. Steve is a great guy, but politically, he's a head-up-his-ass left-Dem who has fully bought into the lies of the mainstream media.  In his latest post, he gloats about being right re:  GOP efforts to restore "election integrity."  These efforts are, of course, being spun by the left as—you guessed it!—racist attempts at disenfranchising the non-white crowd.  This is fucking laughable, and it's even more laughable to hear that the left has positioned itself against election integrity.  The left has historically shown that it has no notion of what true election integrity is:  in 2016, leftists collectively flew off the handle when Donald Trump suggested that he might question the election results if he lost.  The electoral process is inviolable! screamed the left.  Then Trump won, and the left immediately did a hypocritical 180:  The election was rigged by Russia with help from Trump!  We now know the Russiagate ructions were all bullshit after three or four federal-level investigations turned up fuck all—and most of those investigations had been led by Democrats.  

It's a pretty good guide to leftist thought and behavior to remember that the left always projects its own sins onto the right.  The right is racist?  The left will call you an Uncle Tom if you're a black conservative.  The right is sexist?  Look at the exploitation of women in leftie Hollywood.  It's all projection, all the time.  Styx deals with leftist electoral malfeasance in the above video, a video that I highly recommend.  Plenty of hypocrisy to explore in the form of rich leftists dumping billions of dollars into Democrat campaign coffers, as well as foreign influence-peddling by Swiss tycoons like Hansjörg Wyss.  There's never a reason to listen to or believe anything said by leftists.  As a recent Instapundit post contends, there's nothing to discuss when your interlocutor has passed beyond all reason:

We have to understand that you [cannot] reason with people like this,” [McWhorter] said. “It’s very rare that you teach somebody out of their religion[,] and this is a religion. And so to try to talk these people down doesn’t work. All they know is that you’re a racist[,] and that’s all you’re going to get. So the idea is not to try to have a dialogue with them about these sorts of issues…I think we simply need to start telling people like this no. 

—John McWhorter, quoted on Instapundit

That's one of the fundamental differences between lefties and righties:  righties take to heart Jesus' "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's" quote because they value the separation of church and state, and they understand that religion is religion while politics is politics.  The left, meanwhile, has taken the Islamic approach:  politics is religion, and religion is politics.  This explains why leftists scream, rant, drool, and thrash about like overcommitted zealots (or spoiled toddlers) when they don't get their way, or when they register even the slightest offense to their hair-trigger sensitivities.  They are hegemonic fundamentalists, and they can no longer be reasoned with.  Prepare accordingly.

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