Thursday, May 20, 2021

lower-back pain has finally started

My hospital bed is adjustable, but I normally leave it in flat mode. This is partly because I have a tendency to toss and turn, so having the bed in knees-up mode and then trying to roll over to my side is inconvenient at best. 

Not to say I haven't played with the controls. Of course I have. But in the end, I always return to flat mode. 

Up to this point, the bed's hardness hasn't bothered me, but now, on my last full day at the hospital, I'm finally starting to feel the effects of the hardness. The small of my back and my knees have all started to complain, which makes it hard to sleep. (It doesn't help that the old couple in the berth next to mine also likes to keep a light on at night.) So I'm sitting at the 15th-floor lounge for the first time, writing this entry. Maybe a few hours away from the bed will cure my ills. We'll see.

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