Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Styx on Biden the statist warmonger

Joe Biden hates your privacy:

I'll be interested to see whether the dark implications below bear out:

Styx has been an uncanny predictor of things and events.  For years, he'd been saying that "we're past due for a pandemic," and sure enough—voilĂ .  He predicted Trump's initial win and was more cautious about Trump's winning of a second term, a caution that proved to be warranted (although Styx did, admittedly, lean somewhat toward the idea of Trump winning, a fact he himself sheepishly acknowledged).  So if Styx thinks Biden might get us into unnecessary military action (with enthusiastic backing by hypocritical Democrats who, under Trump, were passing themselves off as antiwar peaceniks), I'd bet there's something to this idea.  Something bellicose this way comes, thanks to the senile idiot chanting for war.

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