Saturday, May 29, 2021

meeting up with JW

I met my buddy JW today. His texts before meeting were hilarious; I got the impression he had no idea of the gravity of a stroke, even a minor one. "Have you recovered? Can we walk Saturday or Sunday?" JW texted earlier in the week. If you've followed my blog, you know JW's been my walk partner for over a year.

When we met (I took a cab to the meeting spot because I'm not ready to walk the 5 km yet; it'll be another few weeks before I do that, I think), JW's son was there as well. I was touched that the son wanted to come along and see how I was doing. He's a teen, now, and coping with how the pandemic has wreaked havoc on school. JW was, of course, his usual JW self, which means he didn't show me much Western-style sympathy. I had to endure a lot of "I told you so"s and "you'd better"s, but I know JW well enough to know that he may sound like an asshole sometimes, but that's his Korean style of sympathy. I also know JW smokes, so any health advice I take from him comes with a grain of salt.

Our meeting didn't last more than an hour; the day alternated between cloudy and rainy, and JW forced me to walk rather a lot (about 80 minutes total if we include a shopping trip I took to Costco in the morning). The walking reminded me that I really need to time myself and pin down my exact walking speed. On the graph I made, I gave myself an estimated speed of 2.5 kph, but I really need to know whether I'm currently going faster or slower than that. So that's tomorrow's project—figuring out my current walking speed. And starting June 1 (Tuesday, I think), I'll be on the clock with my various fitness projects, walking up stairs, doing pre-pullup exercises, etc.

Still haven't pooped. Lots of farting, but nothing in the missile silo. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. It's a start. Any aftereffects from the walk? So, I take it the lack of pooping is caused by your body adjusting to the new diet?

  2. Tired from the walk, mostly. No resultant urge to poop, alas. Yeah, a British friend suggested my stomach still doesn't understand what I'm doing to it, which is as good a theory as any.

  3. The human body is not necessarily as fast as it is flexible. And boy, does it resist change... Everything in good time!



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