Saturday, May 29, 2021

can't sleep, can't poop

It seems I no longer need six hours a night of sleep. If I was a night owl before, it's even worse now. Today, Saturday, also seems to mark my third day of not pooping, but I'm hoping to drop a load later today. I'm sure that's the very thing you've been hoping to hear, so there we are. Switching to eating salad, broccoli soup, and chicken breast has done a number on my intestines, and while there should be plenty of roughage waiting to come out, it's just not coming out. I've taken my fiber tablets to help stimulate peristalsis, but so far nothing. We'll see what the day brings. The real question is whether I'll report if anything happens.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Dietary changes and a lack of fat in your new diet may be causing the interruption in frequency, if you know what I mean. Fingers crossed for things to end, smoothly, shall we say?