Friday, May 21, 2021

out of here soon

In theory, at least, I ought to be out of here in the next few hours. There are a few practical issues that need resolving, such as the question of my prescriptions and the matter of pay/insurance. But one way or another, I should be outta here, lesson well and truly learned. 

I think this will be my final post from the hospital. I'll eat breakfast, get my before-you-go sermons from whichever docs come to see me, figure out prescription and payment details, then follow my guardian out to the parking lot so he can drive me back to my place and allow me to have a weekend.

Things will obviously be changing from now on, but I'll be writing about all that later. Right now, I'm simply savoring the prospect of leaving this weird little self-contained universe and getting my life back. 

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Here's to hoping they gave you longish prescriptions that don't require refilling every week and that the requisite sermons were kept sorry and sweet.