Wednesday, May 19, 2021

four laps

I walked three laps around my floor yesterday, and four laps around my floor just now. It was slow going; my legs are like Jell-O, even the good left one. So I guess I'll be relearning how to walk. It was easier to walk yesterday, when I could lean on my IV tower; today, it was just me, and there were times I had to keep myself from collapsing.

There were other walkers out as well; what else is there to do around here? I was envious of the ones who seemed to have no trouble walking. Why the hell were they even in the stroke ward?

I'm setting goals for myself, and I now realize I need to factor in speed with my goal-setting. I had originally wanted to set just distance goals, but I now know I have to factor in how fast I can move. I'll be talking more about goals once I'm back home. 

For now, I'll just bask in the victory of doing four laps.


Daniel said...

The sweet taste of success. And a very good sign that you were able to increase the number of laps taken. Five laps tomorrow! Until the jello sensation disappears, I would consider a walker or cane to prevent any possible falls. Stay safe out there!

John Mac said...

Progress! Keep after it. Maybe you can mentally picture yourself on your favorite hikes as you march around the hospital.

You're getting there. Keep it up!