Monday, May 03, 2021

laptop woes

Silly me. 

I tried popping off my Mac laptop's "command" key last night because it's been sticking lately. Instant regret: I successfully removed the key from the keyboard, but I couldn't figure out how to put it back on.

This morning, before work, I took my laptop to the repair shop down the street. The repair guy wasn't there, but the shopkeeper across the hall told me he'd keep my laptop and let the repair guy know what was up. I had also brought my old, dead Mac's hard drive to be converted into an external drive so I could get at its old data; I handed all my electronic equipment over to the old guy and left a note detailing what I wanted done.

Later in the afternoon, the repair guy, who had been out for much of the day, called and told me he wouldn't be able to fix the keyboard, but he would be able to convert my old internal hard drive to an external one. 

So tomorrow, I'll pick up both my laptop and my new external hard drive. I'll pay for the hard drive and figure out where the nearest Mac service center is, then get my damn keyboard repaired in what I hope will be a timely manner. 

Tonight, it's just me and my new phone, plus my GlocalMe WiFi-hotspot device. For your entertainment, here's a pic I took earlier this evening while walking home the long way:

I remember these little guys from 2017.

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