Saturday, May 08, 2021

Uncle Joe sucks at managing the economy

Our current idiot of a president has no idea how to run an economy, and he's now presiding over a sinking ship.  This was predictable; left-Dems have no notion of economics, and as bad as the right-GOP can be when it comes to budget-crafting (not counting Trump, who had the country on an upward trajectory until China fucked things up for everyone), the left is far worse.  How bad are things now?  The jobs report just came out, and... I'll let Styx start us off:

Biden will be raping the middle class as he simultaneously squanders and buries all the gains we enjoyed under Trump. As Styx says above, the whole thing is "a shakedown."  And here are some links from Instapundit about Biden's flubbing of the economy:

—because so many of those non-workers live in blue states.

The Economy Surprises the "Experts"—Again

Don't expect truth from the news media about the economy's performance under Biden.

Boo-fuckin'hoo.  Biden's gonna end up worse than Carter.

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