Sunday, May 09, 2021

my blog stats: past the inflection point

We're coming down from our statistical high, now.  Yesterday's stats crested at an amazing (to me) 4,176 unique visits.  I was pretty sure, when I saw that stat, that there would be no way to beat it, and I think I was right.  Today, I'm currently at slightly over 1,100 visits, and at that rate, I'll finish the day with barely over 2,000.  So we're over the crest of the wave and headed back down to my normal range, i.e., about 400-700 visits per day.

Assume 30 days per month.  For me to beat the 20,000-visit mark every month, I need to average around 700 visits per day.  In previous months, I've come very close to 20K, but not by having a steady visitor rate:  instead, after a slew of under-700 days, some anomaly occurs in the middle of the month, and my numbers get boosted.  In previous months, the anomalies resulted in one-off daily totals of 1,000-2,000 visits.  This month was strange, though, with a veritable tidal wave of visits.  While I'm happy that it happened because my ego is, to some small degree, attached to numbers, I have no idea why it happened, and I don't see the sudden surge as any sort of testament about how suddenly awesome my blog is.  If I link the surge to awesomeness, then the current abatement must mean the blog is no longer awesome.

So I'll just take the surge for what it is, and I'll await the next surge with curiosity.

UPDATE: we won't even be hitting 2,000.

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