Saturday, May 08, 2021

my stats are blowing up

I've had a poor showing over the past three months, statistically speaking.  For February, March, and April, I was unable to break the monthly 20,000-visits barrier.  This month, too, started off in a lackluster way, with the first few days of May seeing under 600 unique visits per day. But now, for three days running, my site traffic has blown up.  Two days ago, I had just under 2,000 visits; yesterday, the number was over 2,900, and just this morning, I saw that I already had over 2,300 visits, so I'll probably end up with over 3,000 visits for today.  Incredible.  But what gives?  C'est un mystère.  I've had mysterious blowups like this before; they've all been temporary.  I think what happens is that someone influential sees an old post of mine and calls everyone's attention to it.  Everyone flocks to my blog for a few days, then the frenzy is over.  So:  it is what it is, i.e., a flash in the pan.

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John Mac said...

Everything is relative--600 visits a day is triple my average. Then again, you actually write substantive posts on a variety of interesting subjects.

It would be fascinating to know just what has prompted the recent surge in interest here. As you say, perhaps a particular post that has risen to the top of search engines around the world. My guess would be people are looking for information on proper comma usage.

Here's hoping that some of these new readers stick around for the daily thrill of Hairy Chasms!