Monday, May 31, 2021

gyros, keto and regular

Some pics from last night and today. Keto tortillas made last night:

I don't have a taco press, so for two of the tortillas, I used a combination of two cutting boards and a rolling pin. As a result, one tortilla looks like a nightmare while the other two are somewhat more round-looking. Your dough starts off tan, but after a minute on a ripping-hot stove, it turns white, as the recipe notes. You cook the dough for 60-70 seconds on one side, then only a maximum of ten seconds on the second side. Despite being made with almond flour, the tortilla had an aroma that was pretty tortilla-like. The guy who developed the recipe said he went through many iterations.

I tried part of a tortilla last night right after making it, and it tasted pretty good. The dough actually smelled good, too, while I was kneading it. This is likely thanks to the inclusion of vital-wheat gluten.

Here's today's lunch spread:

Meat, close-up, and cut a little chunkier this time:

What a keto gyro looks like:

The boss isn't here today to enjoy the meal, but the rest of the troops enjoyed it just fine, and there are some leftovers for the boss to nosh on tomorrow. In all, I'm happy with this recipe for keto tortillas; it doesn't taste eggy like many keto breads, and as I said before, there's no off-putting coconut flour or psyllium-husk fiber to ruin your day. 

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