Sunday, June 19, 2022

astoundingly low-carb for having wine in it

Wine isn't exactly a low-carb tipple, but boeuf bourguignon, which is made with red wine (specifically, and ideally, Burgundy), is startlingly low carb, and the rest of its macros aren't bad, either. According to FatSecret, the breakdown looks like this per 100 grams:

Calories: 139
Fat: 4.78 g
Carbs: 4.11 g
Protein: 14.86 g

Pair that up with the keto Spaetzle that I'll be making later today, and I could eat a big ol' bowlful of that with few to no pangs of conscience. I'll be damned. That said, I don't think boeuf bourguignon can be considered truly keto: at best, it might qualify as "dirty keto." But some of the keto people I watch on YouTube think it's unhealthy to obsess over the question of keto purity: eating healthier, however you do it, is always a better thing than stuffing your body full of crap.

Let's do the math on almond-flour Spaetzle. The recipe I'm going with is:

300 g almond flour
1 egg
120 g Greek yogurt
120 g milk
salt to taste
nutmeg to taste

The macro breakdown for the above (which is about 2 Kevin-sized servings) is 

Calories: 704 (352 per serving)
Fat: 51.8 g (25.9 g per serving)
Carbs: 26.92 g (13.46 g per serving)
Protein: 40.46 g (20.23 g per serving)

As for the beef Burgundy, multiply by 4 for 400 grams' worth:

Calories: 556
Fat: 19.12 g
Carbs: 16.44 g
Protein: 59.44 g

Assume I go with that: 400 g of boeuf bourguignon plus 1 serving of keto Spaetzle

Calories: 352 + 556 = 908
Fat: 25.9 + 19.12 = 45.02 g
Carbs: 13.46 + 16.44 = 29.9 g
Protein: 20.23 + 59.44 = 79.67 g

So I end up with a 908-calorie meal that strays slightly above a strict-keto daily limit of 20 g of carbs. Compare that to eating a foot-long Subway sandwich, which would be about 800 calories. All in all, that ain't bad, and then I'm following that with my 72-hour fast. Okay, I'll probably eat some blueberries and Greek yogurt for dessert, which will add a few hundred more calories to my Sunday, but again, with the 72-hour fast taking me through Wednesday, I'm not too exercised about that. If the Spaetzle works out, I'll have yet another keto pasta in my arsenal. Expect pictures, whether the Spaetzle is a success or a failure.

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