Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Russell Brand on Jimmy Dore and Fox News

I had no idea who Jimmy Dore was until I saw the following Russell Brand video. I had to look Dore up on Wikipedia to find out more information about him. He is, it turns out, a self-described progressive, and a comedian with a talk show, but he comes off as a red-pilled liberal who is critical of Biden and the current incarnation of the Democrat Party. Brand talks about two main things in the video below: (1) the fact that Dore is welcome on Fox, but not anywhere else in the mainstream media, and (2) the way the Democrats and Republicans of today are basically a Uniparty. Brand plays a clip of Jimmy Dore talking with Tucker Carlson, and it's kinda funny. So who's more open-minded when it comes to dissenting opinions—the right or the left? I think we all know the answer, and it sure ain't the humorless left.

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