Monday, June 27, 2022

SNU plagiarism... again

A coworker just told me about the latest plagiarism scandal to hit Korea's top university:

SNU research team busted for blatant plagiarism

A research team under Seoul National University admitted to submitting a plagiarized paper at an international conference after accusations spread online.

The team, led by professor Yoon Sung-roh from the prestigious Seoul National University, submitted a paper at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition held earlier this week in New Orleans.

Yoon was the head of the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution during the Moon Jae-in administration.

The paper, titled “From Asynchronous Events to Fast and Continuous Video Reconstruction via Neural Stochastic Differential Equations,” discussed how artificial intelligence can be used for information data analysis.

Yoon participated in the paper as the corresponding author, and a Ph.D. student at his lab was the first author. There were three more co-authors of the paper.

The paper was recognized at the conference and published officially Thursday.

But the next day, a video was uploaded on YouTube claiming the paper had been plagiarized and contained copied text from 10 previously published papers without proper credit.

After the accusations went viral, someone claiming to be the first author commented on the video admitting to plagiarism.

“All the faults of the paper are entirely mine, the first author. I think it is right for me to accept all criticism fully. I agree with the belief that plagiarism is absolutely unforgivable, and I will accept any disciplinary action without any excuses,” the comment read.

Yoon said he was unaware of plagiarism in an interview with a local media outlet, adding the plagiarism was an “individual act” by the student. He said he will call on Seoul National University to hold a disciplinary committee hearing.

Someone was asleep at the switch—and there's an obvious fall guy. Of course, in East Asia, people don't really care about plagiarism. The idea of "stealing someone else's thoughts" is foreign to the East Asian mind, which already operates according to an "it's bad only if it happens to me" mentality. Expect more plagiarism from Korea's "top" university soon. 

Because these fuckin' idiots never learn.

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