Sunday, June 26, 2022

the one abortion meme to end them all

I know this doesn't apply to all women, but at least 90% fall into the category of "Whoops—need an abortion because I made a stupid mistake." Such women get no sympathy from me. I don't expect sympathy for my having had a stroke because of bad, stupid eating habits; why should I sympathize with a woman who doesn't prepare for the most major consequence of sex? (Same goes for men, too, really, if they're not prepared to become fathers.)

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Anonymous said...

From my perspective, abortion as birth control is another form of murder. I think part of the hysteria over abortion is the attempt to convince themselves that abortion is not murder. There are cases where after a lot of soul-searching an abortion is the answer. These are few and far between. Remembering that at one time adoption was a way to deal with unwanted babies, we could reduce the incidence of abortion to almost nothing. It would remain for such things as gross, untreatable deformity or health of the mother.