Saturday, June 18, 2022

how best to protect yourself from the 'rona?

The answer may surprise you:

I hope the above mini-blurb was click-baity enough. Of course, by this point, everyone in my office has gotten COVID, and most of my friends in Korea and the US have also been infected despite their vaccinations. My conservative Korean buddy JW got jabbed, but he and his family remain virus-free. I remain virus-free as well (famous last words, right?) despite not being inoculated. As far as I know, my two little brothers, Stateside, also remain virus-free.

The above video, made 2 years ago, notes how the general approach to medicine is passive, not active, focusing as it does on cures instead of active prevention. It's a good point that is often missed by "experts" who insist on prescribing their shots and pills instead of emphasizing how to live better. Dr. Ekberg is a holistic-medicine practitioner, which means his focus is on general health and the maintenance of bodily equilibrium.

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