Thursday, June 23, 2022

the scrotum dream

I had a weird dream that happened sometime this morning. I don't normally remember my dreams—just the lingering emotions accompanying them. This time, though, I remember the visuals. In my dream, I was pulling these wet, shiny, larva-like things out of my scrotum. They were mostly black and grey, with some red dots. It was a lot like watching one of those botfly-larva-extraction videos you can find on YouTube, e.g., ones where a doctor pulls the larvae out of a money's neck. But whatever these scrotal larvae were, they weren't botfly larvae. They came out glistening, almost as if covered in mucus, and they didn't wriggle. There was no pain as I extracted them one by one, and I did reach a point where there were no more of these larvae in my nut sac. My scrote was riddled with holes, but the infestation was gone. One thing I can't remember is how I performed the extraction. With my hands? With some sort of tool? I don't recall. And was this dream a nightmare? I don't recall feeling frightened or horrified; the feeling was more like... clinical fascination. But I did feel some relief when I woke up.

So that was my dream. Maybe it was an omen. Maybe it was my brain's way of exploring some sort of anxiety. Whatever. I don't normally confess my dreams to people, but this one was weird enough to share. And there we are.

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