Thursday, June 30, 2022

once again, a note to commenters

A reminder: I don't publish anonymous comments. Please read the comments policy (it's visible right above the comments window as you're leaving your comment; it even says READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING, in all-caps, so there's no excuse for not seeing it). Even if the comment is a good and civil one, I won't publish it (except in very rare cases when I know the commenter is a personal friend who goofed).

Some people have trouble leaving their comments under such-and-such name or screen name. I understand, and some comments therefore get published with the name "Unknown." But the way around that is to sign your name (or screen name) inside your comment before you send it. Simple. Submitting the comment as "Unknown" is perfectly fine.

I'm mentioning this because I just received a perfectly intelligent, perfectly civil comment that I had to trash. A shame. Please leave some sort of name, and please consistently use that name when commenting in the future. (I have no respect for cowardly sock puppetry.)

To my nameless commenter: please resubmit with a name of some sort, and I'll happily publish your thoughts.

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