Sunday, June 19, 2022

detailing work

I mentioned before that I've been watching the work of a Canadian car detailer who goes by The Detail Geek on YouTube. The jobs he does usually take ten to fifteen hours to do. I don't know how much he personally charges, but according to some research I did in the States, customers get charged anywhere from $90 to close to $200. If you take this to be a per-hour wage, that's actually not much pay for the detailer, who's essentially doing a lot of hard (and super-meticulous) physical labor. Let's say the average job takes twelve hours, and the detailer charges $175 for the whole thing. That comes out to not even $14.60 per hour. No wonder The Detail Geek is doing YouTube as a side hustle! He has over three million subscribers (I'm now one of them), so he must be doing well for himself. Still, if we look only at detailing, it seems like a lot of backbreaking work for very little reward. I guess, though, if you do a good enough job, you end up with a lot of return business. Job security matters, especially these days.

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