Monday, June 27, 2022


Why did it take me so long to think of using a clipboard for my recipes? Because I'm lazy and stupid, basically. An idiot could have thought this up faster. I'd blame my stroke, but this problem predates it by several years, so I have no excuse.

closets: before the clipboarding

kitchenette cabinets: before the clipboarding

kitchenette cabinets: after

closets: after (except for Bodhidharma)

the clipboard, in place and be-reciped

Bodhidharma, a.k.a. Dalma-daesa in Korean

It's a relief to have nice, neat-looking closets and cabinets again, and my recipes are now all conveniently available in the kitchenette whenever I need to look at them. I no longer have to shift back and forth several meters to see what I need to do next. So now, let's cover those bare surfaces with some ugly-ass art!


John Mac said...

Good job. Now put them in alphabetical order.

Kevin Kim said...

Not even I am that anal.