Wednesday, June 15, 2022

what Instapunditeers think of the GOP

Never confuse the denizens of Instapundit—by which I mean the regular commenters there—with Republicans. Most Instapunditeers despise the GOP. Here are some sample opinions I pulled from a recent post (edited for form and style):

"GOP presses for truth on Biden-misinformation spy shop."

The problem is that nothing positive will be done about any questionable revelations. Democrats pay little to no no price for bad or illegal behavior.


"GOP presses..."

I'm sure the Marxists who run DC are shaking in their boots.

Folks . . . we can catch the Dems committing the most heinous crimes, and NOTHING will happen to them.

We live in a banana republic.


Every year, the Democrats advance the cause of tyranny. Some things they push too far, and [those things] have to be delayed for another couple of years.

Curiously enough, Republicans just can't round up enough votes to repeal the tyranny. Well, Trump did, but he got pushed out by both parties.


You can thank good old George W. Bush for getting this government spook factory rolling with the Patriot Act. This is just the next step in the subversion of your rights.


When you don’t control the DOJ, all you can do is hold hearings. Has the GOP ever controlled the DOJ? Not in my lifetime. That’s been a Dem thing since FDR.


The GOP doesn’t have a magic wand to lower gas prices, either.

If they win due to a red tsunami this year, the only thing they’re going to be able to do is investigate and form committees, so get used to this.

And don’t get your hopes up about anything else. The GOP is NOT going to save you. They’re half the reason we are in this shape to begin with.


Biden will vote such a budget, and the Democrats will [respond] with full-throated screams of fury that we are trying to . . . pick the agency.

If you try to defund the DoE, for example, you’ll be guilty of hating kids and teachers.

Try to defund the National Security state, and you’ll be both accused of making Americans less safe AND framed by the spooks.

The GOP is a left-wing political party now; they aren’t going to cut government at all, and if they did decide to try, the attacks from the Democrats will be enough to scare them back into line.


I never presume the GOP has solutions; they are just a means of slowing down the corrosion of our rights.


With the GOPe at the helm, [led by] “men” like McConnell and Romney, we have to be closer to the 9th level [of hell—response to a previous comment].

According to Dante, the 9th level of hell is a frozen waste reserved for the people who betrayed their loved ones, friends, best friends, countries, cities, guests, and their masters.

That’s definitely the GOP.

That ought to be enough to give you an idea where most Instapunditeers stand. And I agree: Trump showed the GOP a very different way to go, and at least half the GOP reacted with fear and revulsion, hence the appearance of all those Never Trumpers who would rather betray Trump than consider something other than the failed globalist, neocon path. Granted, Trump's path was little different from 90s-era Clintonian policy (especially in his prioritization of the American worker), but Trump did emphasize values that sane righties ought to uphold: regulated immigration coupled with strong borders, a robust business class, a strong middle class, an appreciation for our forefathers, and much else besides. 

If you're still stuck on how crass Trump was, then your superficiality puts you squarely in the Never Trump camp, and you are therefore part of the problem. I'll grant that Trump was and is an unsavory individual at the personal level, but things have gotten so bad that the country needs someone obnoxious, pugnacious, and willing to fight for the country—something that most of today's cowardly GOP won't do. Why? Because, as the pusillanimous refrain goes, "We're better than that." Oh, boo-hoo.

Until the GOP learns to stop taking shit, nothing will change.

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