Sunday, June 26, 2022

old-school solution

If you've paid attention to photos I've taken inside my apartment, you'll have noticed that my closet doors, cabinet doors, and fridge are covered with recipes. I have long wanted to consolidate all of these pages electronically, putting them on something like a simplified iPad whose only purpose is to display A4-sized pages—with recipes on them, in my case. Then I had what the Brits call "a brainwave" (we Yanks say "brainstorm," i.e., a creative idea): why not go old-school, stick a hook onto my refrigerator, and hang a clipboard off that? I've been relying on magnets to hold recipes up on the fridge, but if you put too many papers underneath the magnet, it no longer bonds with the fridge, so that solution is limited at best. A clipboard hanging off a Command-brand utility hook, though, strikes me as a simple, elegant solution to my problem. I actually already have two off-brand hooks stuck to my fridge right now, but for some stupid reason, I attached them at awkward positions such that hanging recipes on them would make things awkward. So I need an extra utility hook—and a clipboard—for this to work. Maybe I'll go shop for what I need late Sunday morning or early afternoon.

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