Wednesday, June 22, 2022

they've been saying this about renewable energy for a while, now

Nuclear energy really is the way to go. Most people still have a superstitious fear about nuclear waste, but as Kyle Hill pointed out, the problem of nuke-waste disposal was solved years ago, yet the media continue to demonize nuclear energy via lies and misconceptions.

Below is a TEDx video from four years ago. The presenter, Michael Shellenberger, is obviously a leftie who is passionate about climate change and alternative energy, and yet... his conclusion is that nuclear is by far the best way to go. He asks a provocative question: in the effort to try to save the climate, are we destroying the environment? I give him points for having the balls to put the question out there.

Shellenberger makes a lot of the same arguments against solar that I've heard from the right. The fact that he's a leftie probably gives his pro-nuclear arguments more credibility to his audience (who are quite likely fellow lefties, as TED audiences usually are). I would love for this video to be spread far and wide, but this TEDx talk is already four years old. It's gone about as far as it can. I'm just sad to have seen it so late in the game.

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