Tuesday, June 21, 2022

pics from a rainy night

Some nights ago, when I was out walking, it was raining. For a while, it was a light rain, but it became more intense right as I got up to one of the bridges along my route. I decided to set a spell underneath the bridge, just to wait out the worst of the rain. Of course, I had no idea how long the rain would keep coming down hard, so I just waited, maybe 20-30 minutes. As I waited, I snapped two pics from my covered position. The rain went back to a light drizzle right when I resumed walking; I was lucky. When I finally got to my building, I went to the neighboring park to work out on the chest-press machine. The Lotte World Tower was off to the east, looking eerie in the post-rain clouds, so I snapped a shot of that. Enjoy the images.


John Mac said...

All that Lotte Tower needs is the eye of Sauron and a welcome to Mordor sign.

Kevin Kim said...

As the only real skyscraper in the area, it does have that look, doesn't it.