Thursday, June 23, 2022

caloric intake

Here's a quick comparison between a normal diet for someone of my weight and the diet I'm currently following: on a normal diet, I'd be eating (according to MyFitnessPal) about 2100 calories per day. That means a total of 2100 × 7 = 14,700 calories. 

Day by day, here's my current diet:

Mon: 0 calories
Tue: 0 calories
Wed: 0 calories
Thu: about 1200 calories (1700 today, actually)
Fri: about 1200 calories
Sat: about 600 calories (shake only)
Sun: about 2000 calories (keto for 1 meal + dessert)
TOTAL: 5000 calories for the week
NOT FACTORED IN: the calories I burn while exercising

That's a far sight from 14,700 calories! And yet, I still find it hard to lose weight, even with the extra exercise. Is it possible there are calories I'm not counting? Yes, of course; everybody undercounts. But even if we add those calories in (a handful of nuts here, a scoop of yogurt there, a nibble of leftover boeuf bourguignon), I don't come anywhere near 14,700 calories. My body just happens to be stubborn when it comes to losing weight. It's spent years in this fat state, and it doesn't want to let go of that. To lose weight radically, I would have to engage in some David Blaine-style starvation, i.e., 44 days of not eating a thing, which is medically very dangerous. I'd be dead before the 44 days were up.

We play the hand we're dealt, so I just have to deal with this stubborn body as best I can. The weight will come off eventually, even though things may seem hopeless.

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