Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Chef Jean-Pierre does Key-lime pie

Jean-Pierre is a retired chef of French-Italian extraction, as well as a naturalized American. Along with running any number of restaurants in Florida, J-P used to teach cooking classes, and now he's on YouTube, where he teaches the world. I've actually picked up a couple useful techniques from him (e.g., how best to stir flour into a liquid, and the proper way to use a microplane when zesting fruit). He has made a home for himself in Florida, where he is most definitely a part of the local culture. One of the desserts he used to make at his restaurants was Key-lime pie, and since the man is practically a Floridian, I thought it might be nice to feature his work below. Enjoy.

I know my buddy Mike is a Key-lime pie aficionado. What do you think of J-P's take, Mike?

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