Saturday, March 18, 2023

British comedians react to CA's reparations idea

California plans to give $5 million to every single eligible black person as a way of paying reparations for the evil of slavery. I assume this money ultimately comes from the California taxpayer, who has no say in the matter. Then there's the question of how wisely these folks will save or spend or invest their windfall. Most will likely spend themselves dry in a paroxysm of financial stupidity. Also: it's easy to imagine these folks immediately moving out of their nasty neighborhoods. Just before receiving their millions, the same people would have been offended had you called such neighborhoods shitholes. Below, we've got a short video of comedian/host Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster hilariously roasting California's new policy by finding some ridiculous loopholes in it:

Keep in mind that this plan hasn't yet been implemented, but many California politicians are in favor of it, so let's all watch as California sends itself over a cliff. Yet another reason for California to become its own country.

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