Tuesday, March 28, 2023

footage of the Nashville shooter + commentary

Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school in Nashville, Tennessee, was the scene of a mass shooting on March 27 perpetrated by Audrey Hale, 28, and a biological female who identified as (a transgender) male. Hale murdered three students and three adult staffers before being killed by police. The following (right-tilting) video discusses why security video of the shooter was released so quickly; the conclusion is that it's good evidence for leftist arguments in favor of gun control, and for once, the shooter was using an assault-style rifle, the kind of weapon that the left has been keen on banning (in truth, most mass shootings involve the use of small arms—pistols, etc.). She had two other firearms on her person. Police took Hale down 14 minutes after her assault began. The commentator on the video below thinks the left will use the 14-minute time frame as justification for why people should leave mass shootings to the police, but to me, the time frame is further evidence for the truth of the proverb that when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

As Styx says in his own video commentary, it's probably wise not to act like the left and immediately draw certain conclusions about the shooter. She wrote a manifesto that I'd be very curious to read. And much more will come out about this, I'm sure.

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John Mac said...

It's always the gun's fault, not the crazy person holding it. Weird how that works.