Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Steven Crowder re: Nashville shooting and "assault-style" weapons

I used the phrase "assault-style" in a previous post on the Nashville mass shooting, so maybe I'm among the guilty here. Steven Crowder, in the video below, comments on the irresponsible journalism surrounding the event and argues that the weapon held by the shooter, and seen in security footage, was not an AR-15 at all but a pistol carbine.

There's a lot of beside-the-point commentary, coming mostly from the left, about how the shooter has been "misgendered," seeing as she was a biological female and trans person who identified as male. Yawn. I'll have a PJW vid about that up shortly.

ADDENDUM: I'm also seeing a lot of commentary about the contrast between the Nashville team that took the girl down and the cowardly Uvalde police.

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