Tuesday, March 28, 2023

flour macros

How carby is flour? Let's do a comparison between regular all-purpose and rye flour. All the following macros are per 100 g, which makes it easy to figure out percentages by weight.

AP Flour (source, which used per cup [125 g], so I had to convert)

Calories: 364

Fat: 0.96 g

Protein: 10.32 g

Carbs: 76.32 g

So AP flour is about 3/4 carbs.

Rye Flour (source)

Calories: 354

Fat: 1.77 g

Protein: 9.39 g

Carbs: 77.49 g

So rye flour is apparently more carby than regular AP flour, but there's a twist: you calculate net carbs by subtracting the amount of dietary fiber from the carb total. Per 100 g, rye flour has 14.6 g of fiber, so while the total carbs stand at 77.49 g, the net carbs are at 62.89 g, making rye flour somewhat less carby overall, although by weight, it's still almost 63% carbs—not exactly a health food.

This makes Charle's rye scones awesome but not keto—which I already knew to be the case, and this past Saturday was an "off" day, diet-wise. We're back to the strictness now.