Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Doug on Tim Pool, Kari Lake, and whether DeSantis should run

Doug has an interesting perspective here. In the video below, Kari Lake says she thinks DeSantis, being down in the polls, ought to stick to governing Florida and "wait his turn," as many others are saying. Doug thinks this is nonsense and that DeSantis should run. Why? Because you need a good fight to stir things up, and it would give Trump a chance to smack Ron down decisively, thus solidifying his support. It would also give DeSantis a chance to smack Trump down, thus propelling DeSantis further onto the national stage. It's an interesting way to think about the matter. Doug drives the point home by saying that "wait your turn" is "not the language of elections." By this, I think he means that to gain public interest and energy, you need to agitate the hornet's nest. Simply giving the nomination to Trump would be ho-hum. Doug is on record as liking both Trump and DeSantis. I think a lot of people are on that boat.

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