Sunday, March 19, 2023

Trump to be arrested?

Donald Trump is himself tweeting (or Truthing, or whatever they're calling it) on Truth Social that he's about to be arrested for illegal financial activity relating to a payment to Stormy Daniels, the prostitute/porn actress who reputedly had sex with Trump. Daniels and Trump have already had several dust-ups in court, with Trump initially paying Daniels money in return for her silence about their alleged (though I'd say probable) affair. Later on, Daniels lost a case against Trump and was ordered to pay Trump around $300,000, placing her in a bigger debt to him than he was in to her. Styx isn't taking the situation too seriously:

The Liberty Daily links to this article:

Skeleton Crawls From Hillary Clinton’s Closet, Gets Trump Off The Hook In New York Case

And when you look at the skeleton that just crawled out of Hillary Clinton’s closet, the New York case looks even more political.

Because Hillary Clinton was busted breaking campaign finance laws and paid a fine, along with the DNC, to settle the issue. She was not arrested.

For all I know, the above article is, as the kids say today, just copium, i.e., a way to cope through wishful thinking (copium = cope + opium, a thing to make you forget or ignore your dire circumstances). We all know by now that equivalencies don't work with the left: trouble almost always flows rightward. Hillary might get off the hook with just a fine, but the mob wants Trump in jail, so he's likely to be arrested for what might amount to a misdemeanor misfiling. Elon Musk cracked that arresting Trump just guarantees that, when he gets out, he'll win reelection in a landslide.

Will Trump's imminent arrest finally light a fire under the asses of conservatives who bitch and moan but do nothing? I jokingly commented, over at Instapundit, that it might be nice to see all the guys who make gun videos form an armed cordon around Trump—put their money where their mouth is and use their equipment for shooting more than just "zombie" torsos and ballistics gel. But the black-pilled* crowd is convinced that the right will not be roused to fury by Trump's arrest, probably because righties are too cowardly and passive to do what the lefties do reflexively: stage loud demonstrations, burn and pillage city districts, and lie—the dirty tactics of winning. The problem lies with the "we have to be better than that" crowd, which rejects Machiavellian tactics, thus putting all of conservatism into a suicidal downward spiral. Where is conservatism's General Patton?

From what I gather, all of this is a New York action, not a federal one. It's New York authorities (led by the very biased District Attorney Anthony Bragg) who are trying to put Trump in the slammer. In the first Styx video above, Styx wonders how it's supposed to work with Trump's Secret Service detail if Trump is jailed: do they share the cell with him, stand outside his cell in shifts, or what? It might be more practical to consider house arrest.

Personally, I see all of this as the ever-worsening shit-show of American politics. Let's say Trump goes to jail and gets out in a few months. He will now be the first president to run for a second term after having been incarcerated (is that even legal? see here). Would this be enough to fulfill Elon Musk's prophecy that Trump would get reelected in a landslide? I have to wonder. I cast my gaze around at the right, and I see very few with the spine to actually get out there and fight—physically if necessary—for their man.

This article, on some things to know about Trump's "impending arrest," ends thusly:

As noted, Vivek Ramaswamy came out against it [Trump's possible indictment/arrest] and thus far he’s the only declared or prospective GOP candidate who has. That’s not a good look to wait for political consultants or megadonors to give a candidate permission to speak out against unambiguous tyranny.

If people like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and others haven’t declared these actions as the attacks on the Constitution that they are by the time the arrest happens, they’re playing politics far too much. They should be disqualified from consideration.

Who will bell the cat?


*You're black-pilled if you've given in to pessimism. This expression expands upon the original red-pill/blue-pill dichotomy from "The Matrix." I think there's also white-pilling, which is the opposite—being relentlessly optimistic.

ADDENDUM: the video below suggests that this is a New York effort, but that Trump is being charged with a federal offense. I don't know how that works.

Ignore the dramatic thumbnail: Trump hasn't been arrested yet. Maybe Tuesday.

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