Sunday, March 26, 2023

offloading 1

The medical term offloading is used to describe removing pressure from a wound, such as a wound on the sole of the foot. For me, this means finding thick sandals or slippers and cutting off the big-toe area to allow my big toe to hang free while the rest of the sole is supported. Below is some of my handiwork. I ordered these Korean flip-flops, but the right one was too small for my right foot (which is apparently much bigger than my left foot), so I had to perform some crude field surgery on it. 

"Offloading 2" will feature a much more expensive pair of sandals, a pair I very much like, cruelly mutilated in the name of science.


John Mac said...

There you go again, always cutting up.

Desperate times call for creative measures. Hope this solution helps, at least around the house. I'll be glad when that MFer finally heals.

Dan said...

삼디다스 Reimagined. With the right title, the second and third photos would feel right at home in an exhibition on postmodern art.

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, John.

Dan, I wish I could make money off a museum exhibit.